Trusted Wealth Partners to many people just like you.

The deep relationships we build are sacred to us and to the people we serve.


Enjoy the fruits of your labors without worrying about unsuitable investments, unproven tactics or unnecessary taxes.  We are here for you.

Our years of hands-on experience in banking and wealth management helps address to your financial requirements in India.

We have helped people from all walks of life pursue what’s important to them. We offer sound financial solutions, along with the highest level of service to NRI’s so that you feel home.


Live the the life you love

You’ve spent years of your life working hard, sacrificing your homeland, far from your near and dear ones.

Being abroad for many years throws up real challenges pertaining to your financial affairs in India as it becomes a completely new territory with regards to rules & regulations, and platforms & people to deal with.

This can be quite overwhelming for many. Inexperienced and immature bankers, agents & brokers, fly by night real estate operators masquerading as investment specialists, often push high cost, high risk and locked in nonviable products.

NorthStar Wealth is here to help you enhance, sustain and enjoy your financial independence.


Feeling Financially Overwhelmed?

For most NRI’s it can be quite easy to get lost when it comes to their finances in India. It feels complex confusing and at times, completely overwhelming

And most outfits like banks and broking companies do not make it easy. Their business model compels them to be more of a sales manager rather than being a wealth manager.

Inexperienced and immature bankers, agents & brokers, masquerading as investment specialists, often push high cost, high risk and locked in products.

Most independent financial specialists only provide simplistic tax advisory without any competency and experience in different asset classes & products.

NorthStar Wealth is different.

We are team of highly experienced and mature people. We are empathic as we understand the value of sound advice impacting an investor.

We work hard in “your personal interest.” So by working with us, you will not only have confidence in your plan, you’ll have confidence that your team is here for you and your family, every step of the way.

Who we are

A guide you can trust for navigating your financial journey.

Wealth Managers

NorthStar Wealth is an independent financial services company. We are truly able to offer independent and unbiased financial guidance. Our business model stands in contrast with major institutions, where financial advisors are employees of the brokerage firm and banks. They often promote in-house products and services.

We are not affiliated with any institutions. We are distributors of financial instruments. There are no external influences on our financial recommendations. This enables us to offer various solutions keeping your best interest in mind at all times.

” With 60 years of combined experience in wealth management, banking & finance, and investment services, we seek to empower our clients to make the best financial decisions possible “

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