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You need to make financial decisions throughout your lifetime, and finding quality and unbiased advice can be
difficult. Unlike wealth managers who have hidden agendas, we follow a holistic approach that provides
expertise across all aspects of your financial plan.

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Financial Goals
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What we do

Wealth Strategies focused on helping you achieve your life goals.

Managing wealth isn’t just about money. It’s about You, it’s about Your Personality, and it’s about your Life Goals – Whatever your life goals are, strategic planning and careful investing of your wealth can help you to achieve it.

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Goal Planning - Financial Strategies

Live the lifestyle you’ve imagined

So what’s your life goal?  Starting a family,  buying a house, chasing your dream car, planning an important trip, securing your wealth, pursuing an early retirement & passing on the wealth to the next generation.

We are here to help individuals at all stages create, grow, preserve and pass on their wealth.

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Investment Services

Enjoy a range of products

From mutual funds, equity, and debt management to  risk cover and wills & trusts, our diverse solutions help you grow and preserve your assets.

With our deep experience & understanding, we build investment strategies tailored to your goal type and risk tolerance.

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Investing with NorthStar Wealth gives you access to a broad range of financial services

Who we are

A guide you can trust for navigating your financial journey.

Wealth Managers

NorthStar Wealth is an independent financial services company. We are truly able to offer independent and unbiased financial guidance. Our business model stands in contrast with major institutions, where financial advisors are employees of the brokerage firm and banks. They often promote in-house products and services.

We are not affiliated with any institutions. We are distributors of financial instruments. There are no external influences on our financial recommendations. This enables us to offer various solutions keeping your best interest in mind at all times.

” With 60 years of combined experience in wealth management, banking & finance, and investment services, we seek to empower our clients to make the best financial decisions possible “

Our Wealth Strategies revolves around you, so you deserve to feel

NorthStar investors are more likely to be thrilled when checking their portfolio.




Making the right financial moves at the right time with a clear plan for the future makes you feel confident.


When you have a road map to reach your goals, you’ll feel empowered.


When you work with a team that is data-driven, you’ll feel more intelligent.


A financial strategy that starts with you, your values, your passions, and your goals.


Achieve financial clarity, improve cash flow, and move forward. You are in safe hands.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve invested wisely.

Who we help

We understand how valuable your time is and our goal is to help you free up more of it by being your financial partner. We work with people in all stages of life, with many different occupations and varying levels of net worth

With NorthStar, investors can safeguard their present and future lifestyle. Our team offers expert guidance to individuals, families, HNI’s, and NRI’s, so you can enjoy continual financial tranquillity.
We offer treasury solutions to corporates & societies along with risk covers. We streamline investments to help you reap tax-efficient returns. Eternalize your venture with clear and well-thought fiscal support.
Investment Services

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