Financial Planning

A well thought out strategy to help you reach each goal in life and achieving the three important milestones of Financial Stability, Financial Independence, and finally true Financial Freedom to enjoy a life you want.

Financial Stability refers to that stage where the basic needs of an individual or family are properly addressed to and one achieves peace of mind vis their current financial state of affairs.

Financial Stability can be achieved by engaging in prudent cash flow management at individual or family level and thereby helps form lifelong habits in financial well-being.

Financial Independence is achieved when one does not depend upon one stream of income. This additional income can be from investments, rental, retiral benefits, side business, consultancy etc.

It refers to the stage where one is not worried about the income and live a fairly contented life.

Financial Freedom is achieved when one has wealth to indulge in finer lifestyles without worrying too much about the cost.

People who have created wealth through smart financial planning at every stage and endeavors achieve this state. It is commonly referred to as being ‘Rich’.